Studying at my desk at the Bodleian Library, but distracted by my view of the Radcliffe Camera

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Returned to Oxford and back into study mode. Before class commenced, I spent time reading about Systems Engineering at the Bodleian Library. I have to admit whenever I study at the Radcliffe Camera or Bodleian Library, it is a surreal experience. I was encapsulated with the history and architecture of Oxford University. I thought about the famous alumni that once sat in the same vicinity as myself and imagined what they may have contemplated while students at the university. Despite those moments of distraction I nevertheless pushed on and remained focused on finalising my reading.

Setting aside my current module which I will write about in due course – when I had a free moment, I walked around the university, continued to explore and revisited what was on offer. The highlights of my last two weeks included being reunited with my cohort classmates, attending the Oxford Union and seeing Secretary Hillary Clinton‘s Campaign Manager, Robby Mook discuss his insights of the Clinton Presidential Campaign, and the Exeter College dinner with my cohort. I was also thankful and appreciative that the Said Business School featured one of my recent published posts, “Learning Major Programme Risk and Being Immersed in the “Oxford Lifestyle” on their home page.

About to hear Robby Mook, Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager at the Oxford Union
Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.59.35 am
My post on Major Programme Risk being featured on the Said Business School’s home page

Generally, I find it does not matter how many times I see a college, a landmark such as the Radcliffe Camera and/or quaint pub, I continue and always admire their splendour. I have included some of those pictures that I shot during the week.