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It has been awhile since my last post as my schedule has been intensive and filled with work, study and travel. Two weeks ago, I found my week in four different cities due to my commitments: Melbourne, Sydney, London and Oxford. This is how the week looked:

Days 1 and 2: Monday and Tuesday started off cold and rainy in Melbourne at the office.


Day 3: Very early morning and off to Sydney to work on a client engagement – a warm and sunny change compared to Melbourne.


Day 4: Back in Melbourne and finishing off work for another project. Evening flight to London.


Days 5 and 6: Arrived in London and eventually found my way to Oxford. In the evening, I was off to the Merton College Winter Ball. A fabulous evening with friends from my master’s programme filled with festivities.


Day 7: Rested after the evening concluded at 4:00am and prepared for the upcoming week of study.